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Offshore Software Development

If you are a software development company unable to win projects because you can’t compete with offshore developers or you’re simply looking for a better way to deliver projects for your clients, we have the answer.

The promise of OFFSHORE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT is high quality software developed at a fraction of the cost of using U.S. based developers. After all, everyone speaks English so communication shouldn’t be an issue. Overseas companies have high-level project managers so quality and timely deliverables shouldn’t be an issue.

As many people who have tried OFFSHORE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT know, the reality can be quite different.

  • Hourly rates might be good, but the amount of hours quoted to complete a project can be high resulting in less of a cost savings than you would expect.
  • The language skills of the project managers and developers are not as good as the language skills of the salespeople.
  • Project architecture and design quality can be quite poor.
  • Quality control can be lacking.

And the end result is that many companies who try OFFSHORE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT end up sorely disappointed with unsatisfactory results and, unfortunately, unhappy clients.

At 3w Communications (3wC), we have been utilizing offshore resources successfully while doing the work for other U.S. software development companies.

By combining our in-house staff of developers and project managers with the offshore resources under our supervision, we create a perfect project development model for any web design or software application project. Unlike those who have failed trying to utilize offshore resources, we know which parts to outsource and which parts to keep in-house.

So if you’re a software development company struggling to compete with offshore resources or have tried using them unsuccessfully on your clients’ projects, we offer a perfect solution by acting as an extension of your development team.

  • We provide fixed-price, high-quality, cost-effective software.
  • You deal with our U.S. based development team only.

Call us at 856.482.2424 today so we can show you how we can make OFFSHORE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT actually work for you.