Software Development Case Studies

Software Development Case Studies

Recent Projects

Since 1995 3wCommunications has successfully launched thousands of websites for businesses in different industries ranging from NGO’s to IT companies. Here are some of the recent projects which we have completed for our clients.

Employee Directory and Budgeting Application for NNG

Client: No Name Given  (NNG): Client requests anonymity. Goal: To create an Employee Directory in order to facilitate information exchange and improve organization and to create a Budgeting Application to minimize information loss and maximize productivity. NNG, a national health services organization specializing in providing laundry, housekeeping, and food service to healthcare facilities, approached World Wide Web Communications (3wC) with the need to improve information exchange between employees and administration and create a more efficient system for monthly budget reports

Three (BIG) Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Professional Web Design

Professional web designers do more than just improve the look of your website, they provide a balance of media, interaction, navigation, presentation, and marketing strategies that help your business compete in an over-crowded digital marketplace. So why hire a professional to create your website

Promoting Small Business Growth with Document Management

As a small business owner, you recognize the importance of proper document management and record security.  Everything from standard forms to employee records needs to be organized to facilitate efficient company procedures and be managed to ensure high standards of privacy and protection.  As a result, almost every small business in today’s market relies on digital technologies to organize and manage their records.  While some businesses utilize software packages to help manage their documents, many small businesses turn to professional software developers to customize these packages and create unique document management systems tailored to their company. The Importance of Document Management Over the decades, technology has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses and consumers.  Files that were once organized in cabinets and manila folders are now organized in digital folders and files on our computers.  With the evolution of file sharing and the digital marketplace, companies have adopted professional software to help manage their document load.  Unlike the old system of paper filing, digital document management provides executives, employees, and even clients with the ability to easily access forms and information and even collaborate on documents within the system