Dedicated Server Colocation Services in New Jersey

Dedicated Server Colocation Services

3wCommunications provides Server Colocation services at affordable rates for those businesses that require a larger bandwidth but don’t want to incur the heavy expenditure of building a separate data center. In addition, the facilities we offer our clients for colocation are completely secure, as we provide 24/7 security and monitoring at our data centers. 

Collocated Server Hosting

For your data and server requirements, 3wCommunications offers up to 2U rack space along with the necessary electricity, firewall protection and other technical support to help you manage these servers.

Our colocation options are as follows:

  • Collocated Server Monthly Hosting (12-month agreement)
  • Collocated Server Monthly Hosting (24-month agreement)
  • One-Time Setup of Collocated Server


If you need to buy any additional hardware or software to run these data centers, we will be more than happy to provide you with cost estimates. However, we do not make it compulsory for our clients to purchase our hardware’s/software. Clients can purchase whatever equipment they might need on their own.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

As part of our Server Colocation services, we also provide data backup and recovery solutions in case of server downtimes and other network issues. Thus, with the help of our backup and recovery software, you can keep your data loss and cost of downtime to an absolute minimum. In addition, we will provide you with further technical support via phone or email to resolve your server problems faster.

Our Backup and Recovery Solutions are as follows:
  • On-site Weekly Full Backup
  • On-site Daily Rotation (Weekly Full, Daily Incremental)
  • Off-site e-Backup (configurable, up to real-time, 10GB of data)
  • Standby Virtual Server (20GB of data)
  • Risk Assessment Audit