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3wCommunications Launches New Website for Neuhaus Education Center

May 28, 2014 – 3wCommunications (3wC), a leader in delivering award winning technology solutions including website design and website development, is proud to announce the launch of its latest creation, the interactive website for Neuhaus Education Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting reading success and literacy locally and nationally. The new website – Neuhaus Academy – is an innovative program that provides free self-paced instruction in multiple formats to meet individual learning needs.

Based on 21st century teaching techniques, Neuhaus Academy provides interactive instruction and access to inventive learning techniques at any time. The flexible online program provides students with videos and phonetic pronunciation of a word, allowing them to hear and then repeat the sounds of the word. It also sends students on different learning paths depending on their needs and abilities.

“We are so excited about launching this new reading platform,” said Marybeth Flachbart, president and CEO of Neuhaus Education Center. “Neuhaus Academy gives teachers a new tool that can transform young readers who are struggling, prepare students studying for entrance exams and advance adults with busy schedules. This technology will change the way reading is taught and learned.”

“Neuhaus Academy flips the classroom,” said Suzanne Carreker, senior vice president and creator of Neuhaus Academy. “Learners learn independently online and deepen their world knowledge through partner and small group activities. Project-based learning activities integrate knowing and doing and improve communication skills, reading, and writing. There is something for every learner. The possibilities are endless.”

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