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The ACCU Group of Personnel Companies is one of the largest staffing resources in the Delaware Valley with 21 regional offices employing more than 20,000 persons annually at over 350 companies a week.


ACCU Staffing was looking to redesign its electronic Application for Employment system. They were looking for a scalable solution to make the employment application system more efficient and easy to use. With the application process consisting of several form filling steps, ACCU wanted to provide an interface that made it easier to navigate from page to page in the application. They also wanted their staff to be able to download these different forms with the applicant information in a PDF. ACCU was planning on using this new system across all its office locations.


ACCU Staffing provided us with web screens for the employment application pages. We used the screens and developed an application that is easy to use and navigate for the applicant. The applicant has the option to save an incomplete application and edit it at a later time. This allows an applicant who does not have certain information at the time of filling the application to come back and edit without having to re-do all the previous steps again. ACCU Staffing consultants are automatically notified of any new completed applications. Staffing consultants can also log into the system and look at applications that are pending review, previously reviewed or complete. They can search for an applicant by using a variety of search options. For each applicant all the different forms are available as PDFs for download. An email sales lead option is also provided, which allows the staff to forward any sales lead data to the sales team within ACCU.


Some of the benefits of the solution we provided include:

  • Auto generating PDF application forms has made it convenient for ACCU staff to forward information to the appropriate departments.
  • Using the search feature, ACCU staff can easily look up applicant information in the system.
  • Forward sales lead option allows instant information availability to the sales department within ACCU.
  • The interface is easy for applicants to use.
  • System design is easy to maintain and upgrade.