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Anne Klein Communications Group

Company Profile

Founded in 1982, Anne Klein Communications Group (AKCG) is a national public relations firm based in the Philadelphia region. The firm uses strategic communications to help achieve bottom-line business goals for clients including Fortune 500 companies and other national and regional businesses and organizations.


Anne Klein Communications Group develops Crisis Communication Manuals for its clients to use when faced with crisis situations. The manuals, customized for each client, focus on what to communicate, how to communicate and steps to take during the first hours of a crisis situation. The printed manuals are distributed in three-ring binders. Although each client also receives a copy of the manual on a CD, there is no easy way to edit content. Thus, when changes are made, these, bulky manuals must be distributed once again, along with a new CD. This approach does not take advantage of the speed and flexibility of technologies that allow for fast and easy delivery of information. AKCG was seeking a partner to develop a tool to make their approach to meeting clients’ needs more convenient and accessible.


We programmed an application that makes the manuals easier to use, adding a new level of accessibility and content management. The application has a Table of Contents on the left and a Document Viewer on the right for simple navigation. Users can easily read through the manual’s content, and they can edit the documents themselves. In addition to the hard copy, the manuals are now delivered by USB thumb drive. Clients can simply insert the drive into their computer and open the documents without having to worry about a large binder. This makes the manuals’ content more accessible and navigability more convenient. Designated client contacts can update the content.


Here’s how AKCG and its clients benefit from our solution:

  • Clients have their crisis response plans readily accessible.
  • Clients can update content themselves.
  • Users navigate the manual’s content more easily.
  • Clients now have a new, convenient tool that takes advantage of today’s technological advances for access and editing materials.