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The Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association, otherwise known as DCAT, is one of the oldest non-profit associations in the country, founded in 1890. They are the premier business development association for the pharmaceutical, chemical and nutritional industries.


Each year, DCAT hosts a formal dinner for members and guests – a total of over 1,600 attendees. The organizers for this event wanted an online system that would allow its members to register themselves and their guests for this event.


We developed a custom online dinner registration system whereby a site administrator from DCAT assigns tables to members. The members then can log into the web site and request which table their guests can sit at.


The initial benefit of the online dinner registration system for DCAT is that it reduces the amount of data entry for the DCAT dinner organizers. It also saves them additional time and money because the members can edit the information, that is, the table seating arrangements, themselves.

The registration system also enables the DCAT site administrator to export the database into a format that can be easily imported into their internal network. This is crucial for the event because each member is given a name badge, and the information for each badge can be taken directly from the online database.

DCAT is extremely pleased with the system because all the features combine to save them hours and hours of work for the event. What is even more exciting is that the dinner registration system has been used for the past two years and will continue to be used without any costs for new development. The one-time cost to design and implement the system has already more than paid for itself in savings, and these savings will continue to multiply each year.