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Debt Settlement USA

Company Profile

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Debt Settlement USA is a national company that assists individuals in reducing or eliminating personal credit card debt.


Initially, Debt Settlement USA approached us to create a user-friendly website. The site would include intelligent form validation and keyword tracking. We were also asked to develop a business management application for sales, client fulfillment, and creditor negotiation processes. This application would be required to protect sensitive customer data through encryption with internal auditing mechanisms to meet legal requirements.


Our solution covers the full life-cycle of Debt Settlement USA’s business. For lead management – which includes online, print and telephone leads – all leads are automatically distributed to the sales team based on answers to questions on the lead form and specific qualifications of the sales people. The sales people use the application to track and manage the sales process and to schedule reminders for follow-up and to tag particular prospects in a “hot list.”

We revolutionized their new client intake forms by eliminating a paper-based customer signing process. Instead, we developed a guided online application where Debt Settlement USA literally shares the screen with the customer through an online electronic signing process.

We also developed a client management application that provides complete customer history from pre-sales through the final settlement. The application provides creditor management and reporting for more effective settlement process and provides tracking mechanisms to meet the legal auditing requirements.


Since working with WWWC, Debt Settlement USA has seen huge improvements in all facets of the business. They can track the steps of the sales cycle, the conversion rate and the effectiveness of each sales person. They can also track specific search engine keywords and affiliate codes to manage the effectiveness of their targeted promotions. The guided online application for new customers drastically reduced the sales cycle time, improved company efficiency and generally increased overall sales.