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Evans Delivery Company

3wCommunications provides Custom Software Application Development for Evans Delivery Company

3wCommunications provides web application developers for custom software application development, application development services, .net application development, and .net software development to companies in New Jersey and the Philadelphia area.

Evans Delivery Company, a leading trucking company with headquarters in Pottsville, PA, offers logistics and billing services to over 100 satellite terminals and offices nationwide. Evans approached 3wC for custom software application development, which would provide solutions for a myriad of processes at Evans that needed fixing.

For its day to day business operations and logistics management, Evans uses software systems specifically designed for the transportation industry. Their business processes include systems for Accounting, Billing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Warehouse Management (WMS). Evans had their business rules encapsulated very well and had a stable business layer in place. The challenge now was to develop a User Interface to these systems that was effective and efficient. The interface should provide easy navigation of workflow processes and consistent reporting. It should also be able to integrate with the Billing System, which was written in COBOL.

The front end was a critical component for Evans since all their satellite offices would be using it to communicate with their business systems. Evans approached 3wC for a .Net software development solution that would fit their business needs.


Using the Microsoft .Net framework, 3wC developed an extranet for Evans. The solution allows communication with EVANS’ business systems through a single centralized application. The front end provides a graphical interface and allows easy navigation between screens. Billing and accounting templates are provided that allow for easy recall of common accounting data. To support a consistent format for reporting, all reports can be dynamically generated in PDF format. The application also supports several other features such as administrative functions for multiple locations, a security model for creating user accounts, search capability to look up existing bills, customer account creation etc.


Since deploying the new extranet, Evans has significantly improved productivity, especially in the area of entering new bills and searching old bills. In addition, they are currently fielding significantly fewer support-related complaints, especially regarding printing of bills and other accounting documents. They have also been able to reduce the time it takes to train new terminal and office personnel, reducing training from multiple-day sessions to a mere two hours.

3wC’s web application developers worked closely with management and IT at Evans to streamline the software development process by using an agile model, which works extremely well with .Net application development and .Net software development. Because 3wC has a great deal of experience with custom software application development, it was able to augment Evan’s staff and provide the perfect solution, which has has facilitated Evans in its growth to more than double while keeping its staffing needs low.

Additional Benefits:

  • Does not require the purchase of client application software
  • Insures greater productivity by grouping related functions together
  • Enables users to work from different locations using their existing Internet connections