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For more than 25 years Katz/Pierz has grown its benefit practice by bringing in additional producers and support personnel. Initially, the company focused on individual insurance products for professionals, business owners, and the self-employed. Katz/Pierz now covers three areas with an Employee Benefits Division, an Individual Insurance Division, and a Qualified Plan Division.

Katz/Pierz is dedicated to independent representation of each client’s best interests and is committed to a Customer First philosophy.


When Katz/Pierz wanted to share a document with another company, they had to send an email to that company, and then the recipient had to forward that email to the rest of the company’s employees. This tedious process took a great deal of time for both Katz/Pierz and its clients.

To meet Katz/Pierz’s need for a simple application that put all of its documents in one place, we were asked to develop a custom, document-sharing application that would replace the manual tasks in favor of a speedier and more elegant solution that had the added benefit of automatically organizing documents to make them easier to find and share.


For Katz/Pierz, we created a benefit information sharing application. Using this application, Katz/Pierz can create a company (partner-company or client) through the administration module and upload as many documents and external links as needed. The intended company is notified that an account has been created for them and is given login information.

From this point forward, the company can log in at any time to check for updates and gain access to necessary documents without having to search through its email account. A company can view and download documents shared by Katz/Pierz. Any one employee at any location can look at these documents. On the company page, different icons distinguish actual documents from external links. This makes for a much simpler and easier process than the previous one.


Some of the benefits of the solution we provided include:

  • All documents organized in one location
  • Easy access for companies and their employees
  • WYSIWYG editor to upload documents and add external links
  • Companies can check for updates at their leisure