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MEU Calibration Services

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MEU Calibration Services, located in Southern New Jersey, have been in business for almost 20 years offering pipette repair/calibration services for all brands of pipettes.


Our client approached us to develop custom calibration software that interfaced with a precision weighing balance using RS232 serial communication. The application was required to record and analyze data received from the balance for each test run. At the end of the test it would automatically generate calibration reports that could be printed and saved.


One area of experience our company brings is in data interface software to communicate with hardware devices. We develop applications to collect and analyze data from hardware devices and generate automated reports over the web or in desktop applications.

We developed a Windows .NET application that communicated with the weighing balance. A custom data collection interface in the application allows a calibration technician to configure test parameters and view the recorded readings. The application performs computations on a reading as soon as it is received and then checks against manufacturer specifications to determine its pass/fail status. The technician has the option to clear readings, restart test if they have any configuration problems when calibration is in progress. At the end of a test cycle, the application notifies the technician that the test is complete and provides a calibration report in PDF format.

In addition to the data collection screen, the application also supports simple and easy to use data entry screens. These are provided to configure manufacturer’s specs in the application.


The resulting application is used by our client for calibrating laboratory equipment. The automatic computation of results and generation of PDF reports helps our client immensely in quick and accurate calibration result submission.