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National HR

Company Profile

National HR is a health benefits consulting firm helping businesses provide affordable health insurance for their employees.


National HR wanted an electronic document distribution system that would simplify sending health benefits forms to its clients. Many times the same forms need to be sent to multiple clients. The system that National HR was looking for would allow them to maintain their forms in one central location and distribute these forms to clients maintained within the system’s client list.


We developed a web based application for National HR that promotes document sharing and provides automatic email notification to clients when new documents are added into the application. National HR administrators can upload multiple documents and choose to notify all clients or a select list of clients. The end client contact receives an email notification with a link to download the document. Additionally each client is provided with a user account so that they can login to the application and view current and past documents assigned to them.

National HR administrators can maintain a list of client contacts and assign a user role to each contact. This way when documents are sent to a client company they have the ability to choose who gets notified at the company. Administrators can also re-assign, copy, and delete documents from the application. If they need to email an existing document to a client they simply look up the document and click “Email Document” to send it to the selected client.

The application front end for viewing and navigating to documents is an extremely easy to use interface. Documents are categorized and can be browsed within a category. Search filters are provided to make it easy to locate a document and quickly get to it.


Administrators at National HR can distribute multiple forms to multiple clients at the click of a button. Clients of national HR have easy access to any of the health benefit documents applicable to them.