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Systems Integration Software allows your applications to communicate with each other or to link software applications together.

When a business has a large number of departments, keeping track of work for each department can be challenging. For companies in this situation it is advantageous to utilize systems integration software, which will combine the functions of all the different departments into a single integrated application system. Without such software, problems of duplicate content and errors in reporting are sure to arise.

The software developers at 3wCommunications can help you with systems integration software that will assist in the ERP and CRM integration of your business processes. Using this type of single integration software you can improve the interaction between all the different processes and departments in your business. In addition, this software will give you the ability to monitor the workflow of your business and provide much needed Business Intelligence with accurate reports on each business process.

For examples of how we have helped our clients with Integration projects, please view our case studies.

  • For Koen-Levy Book Distributors, a national distributor of books and magazines, we created a web-based front end to their legacy proprietary inventory management system.
    » Case Study
  • For Advanced Snow and Ice Solutions, a nationwide commercial snow removal and ice control facilities management firm, we integrated with® and the national weather service so that notifications of inclement weather could automatically be sent to affiliates and sub-contractors.
    » Case Study
  • For Commerce Bank, we integrated with Site Refresh™, a component content management system for websites and documents, so that Commerce Bank personnel could maintain certain aspects of the bank’s public and Intranet sites.
  • For The InterChurch Center, a 19-story building in Manhattan that houses non-profit, religious and educational agencies, we integrated with its cafeteria check-out system, Zip Tic, by enabling building residents to fill their Zip Tic accounts with money online instead of in line at the cafeteria.
    » Case Study