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Our Methodologies Were Developed Through Our Successes

If you can envision it, we can architect it.

There will be times when you may have to simplify certain business processes through the use of software solutions. However, the software might not be readily available for use and will need to be custom-made. Fortunately, you can use the software development professionals of 3wCommunications to help you design software that matches the needs of your business. Our developers have years of experience in designing custom software for businesses to improve and even streamline different business processes. If your business needs to use a software application that does not yet exist in the market, then our software application designers can help you design one from scratch.

3wCommunications has provided software consulting services to all kinds of businesses including banks, telecom companies, transportation companies, health care companies, non-profits, etc. Here is a case study of how our professional software consulting services helped this business improve its account management system.

More About Our Software Consulting & CRM Consulting Services

Here are samples of some of our Software Consulting projects:

  • For a national salt & chemical company we were sub-contracted to look at their existing software and technology processes and document the entire system as well as offer suggestions as to how it might be improved or upgraded for future development. We were able to identify numerous pain points and write a technology road map that would take advantage of their existing COBOL applications and, at the same time, utilize newer, more modern technologies such as Web Services.
  • For Commerce Bank, which before we arrived on the scene, had thirty or more disparate applications comprising their employee Intranet, we were contracted to review the applications, document on a granular code level how they worked and recommend ways to maintain and improve them.
  • For Evans Delivery Company, a leading trucking company, which offers logistics and billing services to over 50 satellite terminals and offices nationwide, our initial software project, after having designed their three websites, was software consulting. Evans had an existing stable account management system that did not have a web interface. We were contracted to examine the existing application, which they did not want to replace, and determine the best way to take advantage of new technologies that might provide customers with an enhanced user experience. After offering several possible approaches, we finally decided on building a Web-based front end so they could continue to use their stable enterprise management system.
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  • For S4i Systems, developers of a dedicated AS/400 document management software for the IBM iSeries 400 platform, after consulting with us on how to improve the usability, look and feel of their very popular application, our team of web designers created new, attractive application screens using Web 2.0 to replace their legacy Web 1.0 screens.
  • For SEIU Local 36 Benefits Fund, which represents and manages the insurance benefits for 5,000 building service workers in the Delaware Valley, we were contracted to analyze their data practices to determine if they were HIPAA compliant. We documented their technology and document management environment and made recommendations that would help them better comply with HIPAA regulations.
  • For a local teachers union, we were hired as expert witnesses in a highly publicized case involving Internet-related software matters, and we testified in court proceedings.
  • For local TV and other media, we have been brought in as experts on matters relating to Internet security and email.