Software Development Case Studies

Software Development Case Studies

Recent Projects

Since 1995 3wCommunications has successfully launched thousands of websites for businesses in different industries ranging from NGO’s to IT companies. Here are some of the recent projects which we have completed for our clients.

Carbon360 Partners Launches New Web Site

Carbon360 Partners of Camden, New Jersey, recently launched a new web site in October 2008.  Carbon360 Partners works with businesses and individuals to promote environmentally sound and financially rewarding clean renewable energy projects that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The company’s focus is in the industries of renewable energy (wind and solar), forestry (managed re-forestation, new plantings on forested land and wood products) and animal waste management (reductions in methane from manure)

Rosenello’s Launches New Web Site

Rosenello’s Windows of Andalusia, PA is a replacement and remodeling contracting company specializing in window, siding, roofing and door replacement. In addition, Rosenello’s also performs all other remodeling needs for home owners. When you do business with Rosenello’s you will appreciate their organized, customer-centric approach

Healthcare Services Group Launches New Web Site

Healthcare Services Group , begun in 1977, is a national, publicly-held company providing various services such as housekeeping, laundry/linen and food/dietary services to healthcare and long-term care facilities nationwide. Healthcare Services Group’s proven approach is more economical than in-house programs.