Software Development Case Studies

Software Development Case Studies

Recent Projects

Since 1995 3wCommunications has successfully launched thousands of websites for businesses in different industries ranging from NGO’s to IT companies. Here are some of the recent projects which we have completed for our clients.

Steel Seal Launches New Web Site

Steel Seal of Andalusia, PA launched a brand new e-commerce web site in August.   Steel Seal manufactures and sells a product called Steel Seal, which permanently seals blown head gaskets, warped heads and cracked engine blocks and heads.   It creates a permanent seal that can withstand high temperatures and high pressure

Making Your Website More Appealing: Using Graphics

Motion graphics such as Flash can be used at the opening sequence of your web site but should be avoided elsewhere unless your company specializes in creating visual media that require motion or animation. Companies that fit into this category include business involved with video games film or video editing advertisements online games online video Even if your company is somehow involved in these activities, animation should be kept to a minimum on your home page, contact page, and “about us” page. Remember that the human eye is drawn not only to light colors, but also to movement

Making Your Website More Appealing: Navigation and Menus

Consumers will only stay on your web site if it is user-friendly and easy to navigate.