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Tablets and smart phones are quickly becoming the go-to methods for web browsing and software use.

Mobile content delivery is essential to any business attempting to reach its full audience.

With the ever-increasing variety of mobile devices, platforms, and environments, it can be confusing to know the best route for your business to go mobile. Should you go the route of a responsive website for desktop and mobile browsers, or is a custom mobile site or application the right answer for your businesses needs?

3w Communications will spend the time to consult with you, ask the right questions, and learn the details required to make the right decisions to achieve your specific mobile goals.

Mobile Website DevelopmentResponsive Website Design

For businesses wanting a website that displays accurately and delivers the same content across desktop and mobile devices, but doesn’t require advanced, custom features, we recommend a responsive website. Specific coding methods allow us to create a single website with a layout that dynamically adjusts to the various screen resolutions offered by full-size monitors, tablets and smart phones.

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Mobile Website Development

If your website requires advanced features to deliver more complex design or involve more advanced user interaction, a dedicated mobile site is the best approach. We take advantage of the features offered by mobile-specific platforms to develop a tailored mobile site experience for your visitors. Product purchasing, advanced data entry, user profiles, and multi-user interaction are examples of the kinds of features better suited to a mobile-specific version of your site.

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Mobile App DevelopmentMobile App Development

A mobile app will provide the ultimate user experience. Instead of relying on your device’s web browser, mobile apps open up all the features of its native platform. Other advantages of mobile applications are their ability to function in offline mode, support advanced screen touch gestures, and utilize device features such as GPS, accelerometer, camera, security, and data synchronization.

We’re experienced in native iOS and Android. If you are ready to bring your business into the mobile realm, we’re ready to assist you in making the right decision to get the most out of the ever-expanding mobile marketplace.

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