Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance

Keep Pace With Technology And Your Clients

3wC provides maintenance services for your business website, at an affordable rate, as needed.

We see it all the time. Web development companies will create a website for a client, only to make them wait weeks for updates.

Depending on what type of site you own, you may need to provide consistently updated content so that customers know what’s new and that there is something on your website they should come back to see. To keep your sites technology up-to-date, and for required functionality edits as well as search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, you’ll require some amount of website maintenance.

Web Maintenance Providers

There are many companies that offer contracted website maintenance plans that claim to do maintenance of varying degrees for a monthly or yearly fee. The problem with this approach is that the terms often lack important specifics and/or cover a variety of services that your site will not even require. Many maintenance plans actually require you to do much of the work. Content updates may require you to provide them the content in a specified format which they simply copy and paste into your website’s CMS. You could have done that yourself. If you hire them to write the content, you’ll spend time and, in many cases, additional fees on edits to the content they wrote because it will not meet your standards.

Beware of “behind-the-scene” style maintenance contacts that claim to be optimizing your site. You need to have the time, and be tech savvy enough to be sure that many of the services they are offering are even being carried out. Many companies who claim to specialize in website maintenance are not even reputable web developers, instead they are simply charging you for canned maintenance services that are mostly not even required and often being carried out by non-technical, low-wage staff.

3wC Web Maintencnace Solutions

The ideal situation is to have a quality web development company create AND maintain your business website. If your web development company is not responsive to your maintenance request, at least look for another web development company that has skilled developers with the knowledge to understand your site and perform the maintenance.

We take a logical approach to website maintenance because it is the largest part of our customer service work. We provide some level of  maintenance for almost all the sites we develop. Our response time is fast, content edits are often performed the same day, and site enhancements that require a developer are usually addressed within a week. Of course all this varies on the complexity of the request, but you can rest assured knowing that your site maintenance is what you need done right.

If your website was developed by another company and you want us to review your site and make content updates, recommendations for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), design improvements, or improved functionality, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the options with you.