New Jersey Web Design & Software Development

Production Process

Our production process follows the traditional software development model. It begins with the discovery phase. This is when we gather and analyze information needed to define the scope and strategy of the project.

The second phase, building the project architecture, involves diagramming the logical flow and organization of the application. We also diagram screens and model application components. In many cases we prototype the applications before beginning production.

During the third phase, visual design, we focus on the project goals and specifications to develop visual solutions. We then present concepts to the client for review and refine the design.

During the fourth phase, production and quality assurance, we merge the application code with the visual designs so that the code can be validated against the specification; at this time we also stress test the application.

Finally, we prepare the project for launch. This includes updating the documentation and training the client for maintenance as required. We also confirm the security of the application both before and after the official project delivery.